About The Project


The 13| 31 Project had its genesis as a physical exhibit which was displayed at the Riverside Art Museum from July to November of 2016. The physical exhibit consisted of thirty-six journals spanning eighteen years and was divided into three sections: 13, the in-between years, and 31.

The 13 | 31 Exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum in 2016

Since the conclusion of the exhibit, it has been my intention to do a digital version. This digital version, the 13 | 31 Project has been created in order to extend the audience as well as allow for sharing a wider breadth of the journal entries.

Project Objectives

  1. To provide an honest and documented view of a life lived in faith of Jesus Christ. This is not a religious work, it is the work of a follower of Christ who is learning a lifestyle of favor and mercy.
  2. To engage in the cultural conversation of mental health. I once explained to my counselor that I don’t believe I am unique in my experiences of depression, I just happen to have a written record of them. I hope that by sharing these writings it will help others to feel less alone and break the lies that depression and other mental health conditions, whisper to the individuals who live with them.
  3. To provide a then-and-now perspective to each of these experiences. The most beautiful aspect of these journal entries is that they are not the end of the story. They each represent a stop along the way, and I find myself in the unique position to share the reality of what I experienced in the past, with the temperance of the lessons I possess in the present.

Project Guidelines

  1. The 13 | 31 Project is a work in progress. It is distinguished from an exhibit because the work is not yet completed.
  2. The published journal entries are curated. Journal entries are evaluated on the basis of their relevance and artistic merit. There is no guarantee that every journal entry will be published.
  3. Journal entries referring to third parties will be excluded. There are two exceptions to this rule: my maternal and paternal grandmothers. The reason for their exception is that they have both passed, and the profound effect their lives and deaths had on my life warrant the exception.
  4. I have done my best to handle the discussions of mental health issues, depression, and suicidal thoughts with as much care and tact as possible. Any entries which deal with these subjects have been marked with a red warning symbol ( ) and have trigger warnings in the sidebars.

View of some of the images from the 13 | 31 Exhibit