09/20/2006 : 07/01/2008
This journal is actually a compilation of journal entries from other journals. This period of time was for me, as described in this journal, "my personal hell". This book is not beautiful. It is battered and barely bound together, much like I was during this time.
Journal Entry reads 'The bassline beats through my bones, It vibrates to my soul, And in this dark place, Though I cannot yet say it, God is good'

Bass Line Beats

Age: 22

Year: 2007

Themes: DepressionFaithMental Health

Mediums: Poetry

I distinctly remember writing this poem. I was at church, the Sunday after arriving home to attend my grandmother’s funeral in Germany. Standing in the bleachers of the gym where we would congregate. I was silenced. In a physical, emotional, and very real way. I could no longer sing. Speaking was iffy. The words the …

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